1 Trillion Species reside in Planet Earth

Believe it or not, there are about 1 trillion species that call planet earth their home. It is not that hard to swallow since some of them give life to other species. Humans are just a small part of these species but they are the most recognizable ones. There is no doubt a number of species living in the other planets but there can’t be that many like in planet Earth. They could be living anywhere like under a rock site and beneath the ocean. It is impossible to count all of them so you can only see that one specie is different from the other using a microscope. However, you will not interact with all of those species. In fact, some of them won’t be visible to the naked eye.

The planet Earth is so big that it is hard to roam around it in a few months. There are so many sights to see as some beaches, buddhist temples and other tourist spots are hard to miss. In fact, some travelers end up spending all of their money just to travel but they never get to see everything. It won’t be a good idea to try and memorize all the species out there. You won’t be able to identify them right away anyway when you take a good look at them. The amount of microbial life alone in the planet is too impossible to record. There are just too many porn deals and some of them haven’t even gotten a name yet. There is no such occupation that is in charge of naming all the microbial species out there because you are always going to find new ones on Planet Earth. It is a challenge indeed to see the difference among them since some live at a dead living thing’s body while others live inside it while it is still alive. You would love to step on it when you get a chance to see it but you won’t be able to unless you use a microscope.


You don’t even have to research to find out as you can just guess and it might even be correct. The important thing is you are alive in this earth but you must watch out for some microbial species as some of them are dangerous. They can harm you in ways you could never have imagined. A lot of people are acting to conserve planet Earth but they won’t be able to get rid of all the microbial species around. It is just too impossible because of all the bangbros discount around it. While you are busy identifying those species, you may want to focus on yourself and what you can do to save the planet. It is a planet that is in danger because of all the extinction news. There is no doubt some people still throw garbage in the right place.

Once you realize where you have to throw the trash to, you will never do it again in the near future. If the trash gets thrown in the wrong place, it won’t be good for the future generations as they will walk around a polluted environment. It is a good thing there is a campaign to conserve planet Earth since it is impossible right now to live in another planet. You can only hope everyone is listening or we will all be doomed.